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Your MOM is Really Special. Love Her Much More!!

Love your mom jovialyou

Your mom is really special, making me talk about. There is something special about the parents that is making me write this post. This one is specially about moms.

You know there is a possibility of being rejected by everyone, except your mom. Everyone can find faults in you, except your mom. She is the one, who is going to love you unconditionally, unlimitedly.. She is the one who is standing on one foot to care for you.

You are high on fever, maybe your foot got hurt..Have you ever thought of calling help from anyone else than your mommy???? You just call out from your room, “mummy please give me food, i am hungry..!”. Annd suppose, your mommy is high on fever, have you ever thought of taking a leave and doing the work she does???? Nooo. Still you call out, “oh mommy, my lunch for school/office??!“.. oh dear, think of her. She too is worthy of lots of love and care.

Your dreams becomes her dreams.

She runs here and there to fulfill your desires. She tries to the best of her capacity to fulfill all your needs and desires. Your mom is your “ready-to-help” help !! Isn’t she? Please pause and think about the things she has exceptionally done for you..9Love your mom jovial you

Your mommy is special dear.. She is so precious that you cannot afford to lose her at all. Don’t you think, you should now start caring for her?? Be it your mother or your partner’s mother or your friend’s mother… mother is mother..

She is worthy of lots and lots of care and love, for she has given you that in abundance when you were in need. Now, its her turn to receive that.

Be thankful to her for all that she has done for you. Oblige for the selflessness she possessed while caressing you.

Give her tight hugs, small small surprise gifts, frequent random compliments and most importantly, YOUR TIME !!

It might happen, later on, you won’t have time to give her, or she will not be there to enjoy that time ! Wake up now, Go and Kiss Her with your love !!

I Offer a Tribute to all the mothers out there !! Thank you for being so wonderful !! We are grateful to You !


  1. sandhya

    yes true… every mom is special in everybody’s life..:-)

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