Why Worry For A Short Lifetime..

why worry?

If life is short, then why to worry for small things all throughout???

1..Will I be able to get first in my class?? I need to TOP the class…

2..Will I ever be able to get a BIGGG job?? I atleast need a package more than His/Her?

3..Will I be able to get a good groom/bride? Beautiful than his wife/her husband?

4..When will my son/daughter score better than her son/daughter??

do not worry

Is this going to end ever? Well..I really don’t think so. There is always a rush. There is a race that who is doing it better or who is the best? But, do you really think this small life of yours is worth it? Do you really think that running after all these is going to award you something that would be worth of happiness that you would have received otherwise?

I have seen people running after making lots n lots of money. But please tell me, this money is not going to stay with you forever. One day, you might have to spend this money for any emergency reason. then? All these years wasted. I am not just saying everything in air !

Look at this.. 7 Bollywood celebrities who turned from rich to poor!

Seven Celebrities Who Went from Hot Shot to Homeless

10 Famous People Who Went From Rich To Poor!

So, its not just one, there are many many !! Don’t take me wrong. There are people who got a rise as well. One should always aspire BIG ! One should always aim for HIGH ! All i am saying is..

DON’T WORRY !!!! Let it be.. Let it loose !!

Time wasted in worrying for all these things is worthless. Nothing is going to stay permanently. Time is priceless dear ! Time gone is forever lost !

Get up and live YOUR life ! Take out time for your BELOVED family. Build lots of sweet MEMORIES for these are the ones that will give you strength !




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  1. sandhya

    family is more important than anything in this world

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