WHY AM I so Unhappy? Why?

why am i sad

One of the questions that revolve around our mind almost daily is, “Why am i so unhappy??” “Why is everything going in wrong direction??” “Why am i not being heard??” “Why am i not valued??” And so on..

Questions keep on popping up in the mind.. but the answers??? It has become so difficult to maintain the “HAPPY STATE” day after day for there are innumerous problems and hardly any solutions..
So what should be done??? Should we just keep silent and keep following the daily routines???

The answer should be a big “NOOO”. The reason why we are unhappy is


we ourselves. We have attached our lives so strongly with things and people who are temporary. They tend to give us pain and sufferings by someway or the other. ┬áThat’s true that we cannot avoid these things and people, but atleast we can find something that’s gonna stay with us forever without ditching !!

The many causes of our unhappiness are:

1. Relationships

2. Lack of Money

3. Loss of Money

4. Material things like cars, houses, mobile phones etc.

Be it mother, father, sister, brother, daughter, son, or wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, none of them are going to stay with us forever. Everyone of us have witnessed that. When somebody is to go (be it forceful like death or by choice like breakups/divorces),they GO !! Nobody is waiting for you out there!

Isnt it a good option to keep someone close who we know is going to stay and is always there for our benefit??!! Someone who is always thinking of benefiting us? Someone who is always looking after us?

Who do you think looks after all the wild animals? Who do you think looks after all the plants and trees?? (after all, they are also living beings !!)

Think and comment. Whom do you think can be such an option?? What do you do when you are sad?

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  1. Mudit

    I truly agree with this post. Really optimistic. Thanks writer for sharing this with us.

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