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Valentine Week 2018: Rose Day to Valentine Day!

Valentine week is here !!

Are you ready with the preparations?? We are giving you a very different perspective to the 7 days of celebrations of this Valentine Week that every person who is in love celebrates.. People say that it is nonsense to celebrate all these days but my dear, isn’t LOVE the most beautiful thing that can happen to anyone? Think of all the happy moments of your life, and you can collect the list of the ones who love you the most!

7th Feb: Rose Day

rose day jovialyou

Rose Day is celebrated by giving a rose to your loved one! Not just lovers, it is celebrated by friends as well.. All that differentiates is the color of rose..

Yellow :

You should gift these yellow roses to your Best Friends or your close friends who mean a lot to you..

Red :

These are for “Love Birds”. No other description is required for this rose i believe!

White :

If you’ve had a fight with a friend or a heated argument at work, send a bunch of white roses as a sign to end the cold war.


If you want to express gratitude, pink is the color to choose. Let a friend, partner, family member or co-worker know you’re thankful for something they did for you by giving them a pink rose.

Orange :

Orange stands for enthusiasm and passion. If you’re proud of someone, let them know with orange roses.

So, who says one who is not in a relationship or is not intending to come into one cannot give roses?? Just pick the one and give it to the one whom you care for.

8th Feb: Propose Day

propose day jovialyou

This day You should approach your love and propose in your own style about how you feel. It is the 2nd day of this Valentine week. There are different styles of proposing, you may do it in your own style. This proposal can be for marriage for those already in relationship and waiting to sprout for marriage, or this proposal can be to propose your crush to become your life partner. The proposal can also be to become your valentine if you you are already into your marriage/relationship!

9th Feb: Chocolate Day

chocolate day jovialyou

Well, if you have got a “YES” in reply to your proposal, then what are you waiting for? “Kuch achha hone se pehle meetha ho jaaye??”. So, Buy a pack of chocolates and gift him/ her these chocolates expressing your happiness.. Tell them that this sweet you will m ake your relationship..

10th Feb: Teddy Day

teddy day jovialyou

Ho Laa !! Its time to tell your partner that you are always with them.. So how will you do that? …….Gift your love a teddy, to show your chocolate girl/boy that “Like this Teddy is going to be with you Forever now, I am going to be there with you too!”

11th Feb: Promise Day

promise day jovialyou

It is high time that you promise something now.. You have given roses, proposed, given chocolates and teddy… so what more? Well.. there is a need for commitment.. Commitment can be of anything.. If you are beginning a new relationship then you can promise that you will stand by each other. Else, if you are in middle of a relationship, the promise can be that you will never leave each other’s hand. If you are married, then promise that you will always understand each other..

“Promise that you will never break the trust you have put in me”

An actual relationship is if both these maintain their promises until the ending, and also make each and every possible attempt to finish their promise. 

12th Feb: Hug Day

hug day jovialyou

Wrapping up your partner in your arms gives them a sense of security and warmth of being loved!! The warmth and relaxation that both the partners feel in this special moment is priceless. Just wrap each other so tight that none of you could ever thought of leaving each other! Well… no doubt it is also called “Jaadu Ki jhappii !!”  because it is sooo magical… So, just don’t limit yourselves to your partners this day..go and distribute jhappies to everyone you love and care about!

13th Feb: Kiss Day

kiss day jovialyou

Now you have secured the person you love, its high time to show your passion !! Give a passionate kiss to your partner on this day, and express the intensity of your love.. A Kiss should not only be limited to the lips.. but you can kiss the cheeks of children and parents.. you can give an innocent caring kiss on forehead as well.

Try out this delicate expression of love and then change this day into a romantic and unforgettable one.

14th Feb: Valentine’s Day

There is just a favorite saying that “Do not wait until it’s too late to share with someone just how much you really love them, simply how far you really care to these. As they are gone, however loudly you yell and shout, they’ll not listen to you any longer.”

Do your best to surprise your partner on this very special day. Though you can celebrate love throughout the year, but someday’s are specially meant to celebrate. Similar is the case for V-Day. So plan this day with all your heart. Remember one thing, the expenditure doesn’t testify your love. So what’s the cost of gift or whats the venue for dinner date doesn’t really matter. What matters is.. is the venue giving the food of your choice? Is it your dream cuisine! Secondly, the best gift would made by your hand. Love letters should be the best gift for every occasion. It is the feelings that you express by making gift for your love!

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