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Valentine Gift Ideas for Him

Gifting ideas him jovialyou

As Valentine Day is approaching, lovers are getting more and more curious and tensed of what to gift them. As I have said in previous post on VALENTINE WEEK SCHEDULE, Valentine is not about costly and branded gifts, it is about how you can make it special. The most important point that you need to take care of is.. What he/she needs the most right now.. or what will he/she love the most..

Valentine Gifting ideas for him

That you can create on your own.

1. A decorated room

A Well decorated room with flowers or crepe paper or candles. Fragrant the room.

2. A Cake

Make a cake on your own. Any type of cake that you can make. There are cakes that can be made w/o oven as well. So go for it !!

3. Balloon Box

Balloon box jovialyou

Wrap a card board box and write msgs or paste photos inside the walls. Place helium or hot air balloons inside the box tied up with ribbons. So when your partner will open the box, the balloons will go up and your love will pop up!

4. Greeting card

Make greeting cards on your own. It can be a pictocard as well.. write wonderful quotes inside..

5. Home cooked dinner

Well maybe, your partner is in deep love with “kheer” or “butter chicken” or “shahi paneer”.. so why not give a try and cook it specially for him.. He will be able to taste your love!!

6. Self painted white T-shirt

Grab a plain white T-Shirt,  buy a fabric paint,  and paint anything on the T-shirt. Don’t forget to place newspaper in between the T-Shirt so that you don’t  accidently paint the back side of it..

7. Collage of best memorable moments

Well, i don’t  think this needs any explanation. Try to collect all your memories and get them printed.

8. Love Letter

But what if you don’t have time to make any of the above? Or if you aren’t very creative..well don’t  be disheartened.. we have something for you as well…

Best Gift ideas for Him that you can Buy

1. Wallet

If your guy is a brand lover, gift him a good wallet. Don’t forget to consider what kind of wallets he like..

2. Belt

Some guys love to show off their branded belts.

3. Perfume

Perfumes are said to be very elegant. A Nice perfume may range from Rs. 1500 to as your pocket allows.

4. Shoes

A good pair of shoes define the personality of a person. This is what i have heard. So buy a nice pair of them for your man.

5. A Jacket/Blazer

Although winters are about to get off for this year, but i bet.. a good attractive jacket/Blazer is always a need for a man.

6. Shirt/T-Shirt

This is an evergreen gift. You can gift this anytime.

7. Watch

Men don’t wear bangles like girls. What they wear is a watch. So the only ornament that most men wear is a watch. So girls, go for it!

8. A beautiful frame of Your lovely couple photograph

These are only few ideas that we at Jovialyou can share with you… You all must be a bag gull of ideas.. so share them with us and let many more couples express their love in the different ways!

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