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Do you use LOW BEAM in Your car..

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Driving a vehicle on high beam blinds the person coming from the opposite side. This is really dangerous in all cases but can prove deadly in case it is a single road for both directions.

Well for your information,  (many must be unaware of) there are two types of beams in your car. That is, when you switch on your headlights at night, they might focus on the road nearby (Low beam) or might focus for a long distance (High beam).

What is High beam and Low beam?

High beams, which is used by most of the driving lads is used when the road is empty and you are at some speed, so you can look if there is any person, animal or speed breakers well ahead.

Do not use high beam if the roads are well equipped with street lights. Don’t blind the cars coming from opposite direction.

Low beams, which should be used is for travelling within cities, on roads that have usual or high traffic.

So the new learning drivers or the casual drivers who drive daily for commuting etc should keep their cars headlights on low beam within the city with some traffic. Only at nights during empty roads or while travelling on empty highways one can use high beam.

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You must keep your headlights on low beam within 100 m (330 ft.) and keep any spotlamps or auxiliary driving lights turned off within 500 m (1,640 ft.) when you are following another vehicle, or when you are being passed.

But when there is a lot of traffic coming from opposite side, use a low beam so that you don’t blind them with light directly in their eyes.

How to use Low Beam?

I am sure most of you must be wondering the same. It is easy. You just need to pull/push the handle that you rotate to switch on the headlights. This is how it happens in most of the cars.

Else you can ask your car service people to tell you how to use low beam.

Help people not to go blind by your car’s headlights at high beam. Use low beams in traffic or even in low traffic.

Save yourself by not blinding the others..

While you need to see the road, you should not blind the oncoming driver with the glare of your lights. You may find that some drivers approaching you will signal you to lower your lights while they are up to 20 seconds away. This applies to vehicles you are meeting and vehicles you are following. To avoid blinding other drivers, make sure your headlights are properly adjusted and are in working order.


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