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What today’s reality has become – A Nightmare!!

sad reality jovialyou

Reality of today’s world has become a nightmare! Time has been flying, never stopping or reversing back. And so are we.. never stopping and never changing back.

We say, technology is advancing, new facilities and luxuries are being created. Now we have  smartphones, laptops, internet, and so much more! But aren’t we forgetting who we are, what we should be doing, how we should be behaving?? Aren’t we lacking real knowledge, smartness and relations in our life?

Lets have a look…What all we have and what all we are missing..


1. More degrees but Less Common sense.

More degrees less common sense jovialyou

People are collecting more and more degrees, but all the knowledge is getting limited to papers only. Cramming things are making them full with degrees but low on common sense.

2. Touched Moon but Neighbors Unknown

Touched moon but Neighbours unknown jovialyou

Man has reached the moon and other planets that are so far-off but the people just around them are so unknown!

3. Lots of friends on Social websites but no best friend

Lots of friends on facebook but no best friend jovialyou

In today’s date, a person will have hundreds of friends on facebook, but hardly any best friend to talk to. They feel so lonely by the end of the day.

4. High Income But Less Peace of Mind

High Income But Less Peace Of Mind Jovialyou

So much earning bu what’s the use? Do you have any calmness in life?

5. Number of Affairs but No True Love

Number of Affairs But No true love Jovialyou

People have so many affairs but never satisfied. They are unable to find true love !

6. Advanced Medicine but Poor Health

Advanced Medicine but poor health jovialyou

Medicine has reached such an advanced stage but, if we see the health status of the country……………..POOR !

7. Lots of Humans but Less Humanity

Lots of Humans but Less Humanity jovialyou

No. of humans on earth are increasing multifolds every single second, but is there any humanity or brotherhood left??? Aren’t people even more mean and selfish nowadays?

8. Costly Watches but No Time

Costly watches but No Time jovialyou

Rado, Patek Philippe, Rolex etc etc…. but do we have time for ourselves? For our families, parents, kids??

9. High IQ but Less Emotions

High IQ but Less Emotions jovialyou

Some people turn out to be so intelligent, but where is their heart?? Where is the feelings for loved ones? Ego is turning high, isn’t it? Reality is so painful..

10. Big House but small Family

Big house but Small Family Jovialyou

Palaces, Villas, Farmhouses is what people own and live in! But Nuclear families have become a trend! Whyy???

There is so much that we have, yet so much we are deprived of! What is that we are lacking in our lives? Have you ever wondered??


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