Teachers Polish ‘The Gems With Wisdom’

Wisdom is a gift that is given by our teachers right from the beginning of our life ! We all have intelligence, but wisdom is taught by the teachers. Isn’t it ungrateful of us, they make us wise and never demand anything in return? Just our success is what they desire !

Today is celebrated as Teachers day, a day dedicated to specially thank our teachers who have guided us what we are today.

When we are born, we are unaware of the worldly matters. We are unaware of so many things…imagine we remain as it is as we were born!!! Hahaha, how funny? Isn’t it? So..how we learnt so many things?

Our parents. They are our first teacher. I think it is important we thank them, though this thankfulness is never enough. We were taught how to eat, how to walk, how to read, how to speak as well as how to thank them for all this !

Every home is a University and Parents are the teachers.

Next comes our school teachers. These are the teachers who teach us the ways of life. We learn how to become an intelligent adult that can make up money, make up a family and then how to maintain it. These teachers have really played an important role in our lives. Making us a good human, a good citizen and a good family person. These are the ideals that nobody would have taught if not these teachers.

There is one another teacher, that most of us are ignorant of. This teacher may not be easily found. I am referring to a spiritual teacher, who is supposed to teach us the truth of life. The ways of realising one’s soul and it’s connection to the Supreme Lord. This teacher is the one, who gives you the highest knowledge. Be highly thankful if you get one. (I am talking about ‘Truthful and Knowledgable saint’, ofcourse)

So, lets respect them and thank them for the precious gift of life they have given to us. Lets thank them for being our friend, philosopher and guide.

Thank you dear teachers for polishing us into gems. You are the reason for our success today. You are responsible for wonderful life we have got ! We love you soo much !!

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