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Sweet Corn Soup Recipe

From the families of soup, Sweet Corn Soup is one of its kind. Its sweet taste with the tinge of pepper tastes lovely on the tongue.  Boiled veggies along with thick soup add to the nutritional value of the soup. Lets look out for the recipe then.

Ingredients of Sweet Corn Soup

  • ¼ cup carrotfinely chopped
  • 1 tbsp spring onionschopped
  • ¼ cup beansfinely chopped
  • 1 tsp vinegar
  • ¼ cup cornfresh / frozen
  • 2 cups wateror as required
  • salt to taste

How to make the soup

  • Firstly, in a blender, add ¼ cup sweet corn and ¼ cup water
  • Then, blend smooth to form a paste. keep aside.
  • Take a pan and add chopped beans, carrot and corn.
  • Add a cup of water.
  • Add the prepared paste and give a good mix.
  • Then, now cover and cook for 5 minutes on medium flame.
  • Once the veggies are almost cooked add a cup of water and get to a boil.
  • Then add a tsp of vinegar.
  • Prepare a separate paste with a corn flour and water.
  • Add it to the soup accordingly.
  • Keep stirring while you add.
  • “The more corn flour you add, the thicker the soup will be.”
  • Add salt to taste and give a final mix.
  • Pour the soup in serving bowl and top with black pepper.
  • Garnish with  freshly chopped spring onions green.

Tips: Use Sweet American Corn for soup so that there is some sweet taste. Use freshly ground pepper if possible as its aroma is very different and strong.

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Health benefits of Sweet Corn Soup:

It reduces the risk of Anemia. Corn is rich is in Vitamin B12folic acid and iron which helps in the production of red blood cells in the body. Refer to this page for more.

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