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Rewards and Punishments are Equal for Everyone

justice by Lord

Be it rewards or be it punishments, you will not be spared of any of them. The Supreme Lord is never partial. Each and every child is special to Him and He loves us all. Many things happening in our daily life force us to think that we are facing injustice by the Lord. Many things make us think we have never done anything so wrong, so as to receive that punishment. And many things make us think, how can he get success, he has done so much terrible to reach this point. Thus, some make the conclusion that there is nobody called God. Some make the conclusion, God doesn’t care for us. While, some others think God doesn’t love me.

My dear, none of the above is true. God has numerous children. How can he be fair to one and unfair to other? Please tell me what can be the basis of differentiation for him? Our parents might become partial at one point, but He is the Supreme Lord. He is perfect in all sense. He cannot do mistakes.

So, the question arises, how can it be that there is so much injustice happening around in the world, how come the culprits roam free and the innocents face never-ending problems?? Why some people die of hunger, and some don’t care for the amount of wastage of food they do. Why some die of thirst in deserts and some waste water in the cities? Why are some people handicapped and some “Miss Universe”. What decides the birth of the child? In which family, city, gender etc? Have you ever thought?


Dear, God is same for everyone. He is not partial. All he does is justice. I will just take a very simple example told to me by my teacher once. Suppose, If a person kills 7 people and breaks legs of 1 man, but gets caught. He faces the trial and is hanged to death. Now, how many people hot justice??? Tell me.. It’s 1. And what about others? How can Lord do injustice other 6+1?

So what He does is, He gives birth of the same man as a handicap with faulty legs. Till his youth he faces terrible hardship due to his legs (this balances the pain tolerated by the one whose legs he broke in last birth),  and then gets killed in an accident(this balances one more person whom he killed). [Count left: 5]

Now what you and i will think? “Poor man, born handicapped and then killed. He never even drank alcohol, nor he hurt anyone. God is so unfair. Poor man !!”.

Now say, Is God Unfair? Do you really think He does injustice with anyone?

There are similar punishments and similar rewards for everyone. All you need to do is look the other way round. All this is “Laws of Karma“. You have to accept this. Later or sooner. So don’t blame the Lord.

Accept the rewards with gratitude to the Lord, that He didn’t forgot to award you. 


Accept the punishment with folded hands, thinking God reduced the punishment of your past acts, for He really loves you. 

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  1. sandhya

    karma is more important.some times we got more punishment than reward

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