Is relationship status a certificate of your heart?

You really think, relationship status is a certificate of your sweet little heart?????

Relationship is one thing that is like a trend nowadays…. “OMG !! Even She has a boyfriend, and i am still single ??!! She must be better than me!!” “Oh man !! Even he has a girl, i am so miserable !!


Oh no no no darling !! You are taking it wrong….

If you are single then that means the people you are meeting out are not worth you !! You are something that cant be easily achieved by common man/woman !! Proudyyy, huhh??!  !! 😉

There is a simple fact, there are people who are better when independent and single !! As these people can’t be bound into chains of relationships !! Simple reason..with every relationships there comes responsibility, expectation and occupancy !! Some people love their freedom and love not to get changed, while there are others, who don’t like to be lonely, they need somebody to depend upon. They need somebody to call to..to share..to cuddle.

The Supreme Lord has made every human being, in fact every living being different. Moreover, nobody is perfect here… it is just that some people has such a gorgeous heart, that they don’t find a problem accepting the flaws in people around them…and some are so innocent, that they are not able to justify the odd acts of others and hold on the grudges for long !! But no one has a filthy heart !


[ If you really want to make someone jealous, just show them your happiness level (you may get this happiness from things you love a lot, like Hot Chocolate Brownie sundae or a cool car !!). Everyone will burn out !! ]

You are just as beautiful as any other person !! But just in a different way, that they cant see/ or understand…. So, go on and discover yourself. Find out your inner beauty and enjoy the world……..Double or Single !!! (Hardly matters now…doesnt it ??)   😉

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