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Reduce Foot pain after a day with crazy heels..!

Wearing HEELS 👡👡 are a part of women’s life. Until and unless there is some medical problem, this is one thing that a girl can’t just stop wearing! The reason is simple.. A good pair of Heels make you look so elegant and stylish. 👢 Be it a suit, a saree, lehnga, jeans, a gown, one piece dress or any other dress, a girl always need some elegance which may come with a good pair of footwear👠 !

Two points of pain..

heel pain points jovialyou

After wearing heels you might have pain in the front part of your feet which is due to wearing sandals of very hard sole.

The other point is the heel of your feet. If these is too much pressure on your feet, or younare wearing sandals for a lot of time, this area may pain you too much!

How to make your feet stress free !!

1. Dip your feet in a cold pack of water.

This will make all the nerves running with blood, calm down to a lot of extent. This gives immediate relief from the foot pain, but will not give a permanent one!

Ice-pack on foot jovialyou

(If you are still in a party and cant tolerate the feet pain, just request for ice from a waiter and rub ice on your feet. It will give you a hell lot of relief !!)

2. Give your feet a good massage with oil.

Warm the oil, and give your feet a sweet massage pressing the points as mentioned in the image below.

You may like to follow the youtube video link given on how to do the massage on your own. Follow : Foot massage from youtube

3. Press the following points on your feet to get some relief.

You can press the points in the above point as well to get instant little relief from pain. This you can do while being in a party as well..

Massages_on_Feet jovialyouMassages_on_Feet2 jovialyouMassages_on_Feet3 jovialyouMassages_on_Feet4 jovialyou

4. Apply little pain relief ointment for the night

Ointments like volini, moov or dynapar gel or any other similar ointment can be put up alongwith the bandage for night. By morning, your feet will be much better. Ready for moving on to your workplace ✌.

5. Wear sandals that fit well and have shock-absorbing soles.

Wearing sandals of right size will help you put the points of your foot at right places. wrong sandals means lot of pain as your foot will not be placed correctly..

6. Try foot rollers to relieve your foot of the heel pain !

foot roller jovialyou


Your healthy feet can make you feel so relaxed and ready to go anywhere! It can make you lively and painfree !!

Try the above and let me know if you any other way to reduce the feet pain!


  1. sandhya

    very useful information. thanks

  2. Mani

    So true.. I applied ice on my feet in the party and it really helped.Thanks.

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