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Planning a Holi party? – Try something interesting

happy holi jovialyou

Holi is the perfect time to convey the message of love, trust and forgiveness and  at the same time, the time for strengthening the bond of love & friendship!

To celebrate the festival of love, friendship and Forgiveness, people gather together and spread the colors of love everywhere. Every year there are programs held at every nook and corner of the streets of the country and people enjoy playing with water and colors. Music and dance makes the mood even more special.

But aren’t you bored with the traditional ways of celebrating this festival of colors? Putting colors to all and then scrubbing them off for few days.. it not just harm your skin but also is a wastage of water, which is going really scarce now. Look at the article: Depletion of Groundwater by 2020.

So, lets try out these following options to celebrate the festival this year:

1. Celebrate the festival with love this year.

holi friends love jovialyou

Gather all your cousins and friends and keep a get together. Forget all the differences you have with them. Well, Holi is all about forgive and love!

2. If you have some extra money why not spread the love to some poor people.

give food to poor jovialyou

Make a pack of sweets and food and give them to poor people. See the happiness on their faces.. that will give you a lot of satisfaction.

3. Instead of using water, try using flower petals.

holi with flowers jovialyou

Use rose petals for red color, marigold (gende ka phool) for yellow color and so on… this way water will be saved.

4. Go eco-friendly this year.

We already know of the big problems our earth is facing, so why not be little gentle on her?!! Why not try leaves as plates and use bio degradable as disposables??

banana leaf plates

5. Try  a different theme for your party this year.

For example, Keep the theme as Retro style ! Or make it compulsory for everyone to wear white kurta and use colored wig! Won’t it be interesting???

6. Give some time to your oldies.

spend time with grandparents

Well, they have been away and you have been busy for most part of the year! Why not spread some love to them also? Give them a call. Either call them to your place or just go to them, give’em a hug and have a wonderful day!


Give the festival a different look, a different perspective! Make this festival  memorable!

Jovial you wishes you a very happy and colorful HOLI !! May your love change the heart of all those who were hurt by you.. !


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