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Do we pay excess of taxes.. No money left to Enjoy!

Taxes levied on the citizens jovialyou

Tax helps the Government to improve the Infrastructure and services given by them. Our taxes basically form the salaries and wages of the employees and workers who are working in Govt departments. The new constructed flyovers (some of which fells down sometimes !! ).. the new projects like Aadhaar are also funded by these funds only. So, it practically is correct to pay the taxes. We get the various services like flyovers,  in return of our money only.

But there is ONE BIG issue…

Government is not able to raise our salaries compared to the rate of taxes it is levying on us. Lets consider a person X who is representing the population of India.

Lets now see the types of taxes this person X pays.

First of all, He pays INCOME TAX, which takes away a good amount of his salary. This tax he pays unconditionally and sometimes he has to pay this tax even before receiving the salary.

Second comes the tax he pays when he goes shopping. Whether he is shopping groceries or clothes or car or anything. He is paying the tax again.

Third comes the Toll tax. Hello Mr. Govt., if he is travelling by his own car after paying GST everywhere, why is there the toll tax?

tax a burden on citizen jovialyou

Fourth comes the tax he pays to live in a house. House Tax. Even if he somehow manages to accumulate some amount after paying income tax, and GSTs etc, he managed to collect some money and he buys his own house, then comes another tax. Because he is living in his own house !!!

What is going on??? Tax is paid for every activity you do.

Tax is paid for everything you need. If a person has paid income tax then for what purpose are all these taxes collected??

How much taxes can a person afford to give? Comparisons are made with foreign countries, some pay even upto 50% of income as tax. But, they don’t pay any other kind of tax. Rest 50% is their own. And secondly, their salaries are high and things are low priced ! This should also be considered while debating..

Should all of these taxes be paid?? What do you think?

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  1. Mudit

    I totally agree with your thoughts. We are burying with the weight of Taxes. But government is least bothered and is filling their own pockets.

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