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MUST Includes in Your Travel Bag

must carry while travel jovialyou

Things You MUST Carry in Your Travel Bag

Travel with Not just the clothes and towels, but include lot many things that need to be taken care of, that will help you in emergencies!

1. Tissue papers

Hand-Towel-Tissue-Paper jovialyou

You must carry disposable tissue papers with you for in case you need to clean your hands w/o water or you need to clean a space before sitting. You cannot always use your handkerchief for that purpose. You might need tissue papers to pack some sensitive item like earrings or something to cushion them. (You can always pick few from public washroom in case of emergencies).

2. Shoe bag


Keeping dirty shoes after wearing them whole day in your luggage might spoil your clothes as well as give a stinking smell in your clothes and other items. So carry a pouch or any sort of bag to keep them.

3. Knife, spoon and a Fork

fork-spoon-knife jovialyou

This is your emergency travelling cutlery. Might be you wish to eat something while travelling in a bus or in your hotel room. The knife might not just help you to cut fruits or open snack packets but also help you cut thick threads or packaging.

4. Newspapers

Newspaper jovialyou

Some Old Newspapers will help you create a clean floor to sit, lie down or make your food’s clean table. It may also help you to wrap glass or other sensitive items (like wine bottles 😉 / some show pieces etc)

5. Used Plastic Water Bottle

empty plastic bottle jovialyou

This is an emergency bottle to help you keep hydrated at all times. You may also store other liquids in it in-case you do not want to throw them half finished. (Like half finished coke can or a beer can 😉 )

6. Scissors or nail-cutter and stapler

stapler-scissor-nailcutter jovialyou

These are superb items to keep in your luggage. A stapler can help you bind anything at any time. Even if in case your shirt or dress gets torn, just reverse it and staple it. Best Emergency Tailoring! (Just make sure it is full of pins).

And similarly, scissors or nailcutter would help you cut open any packing of smaller size. Even in case your nail chips suddenly, you can use either of them to grind them.

7. Plastic pouches

plastic-bags jovialyou

These pouches are damn useful items if travelling. Firstly to store your garbage (so that you don’t end up littering everywhere), secondly to store your used clothes so that their sweat smell don’t spoil your fresh clothes. Thirdly, to store your wet or used inner wears (in case you have to leave in the morning or right after a rain walk and you don’t have time to dry them).

8. Emergency medicines

first aid jovial you

These medicines are a savior in case of emergencies. You never know when your stomach starts to gargle and where you are at that time. You don’t know in an unknown place here to find the chemist. So it is always advisable to carry emergency medicines with you. For example,

# for headaches

#for stomach aches

#for lose motions & vomitings

#some mint and saunf

#some hingoli or hajmola

#for fever

#ORS packet

#Band Aid & Dettol

#for allergy


#Moov or Volini


9. Mobile charger

mobile charger jovialyou

These are sometimes forgotten by people who isn’t addicted to the device. So keeping this on your checklist helps you to save yourself from the BIG Problem of ‘switched off’.

10. ID Proof

id proof jovialyou

This maybe last on this list but the most important of all. Firstly, ID proof is demanded by 99.99% of the hotels at the time of check-in, so you must have it. Secondly, God Forbid, in case of any emergency, one can find your details in your bag so as to contact your family.

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