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Mother: A Wonderwoman or A Superwoman


Many a times I wonder, my mother is a wonder woman or a superwoman?? There is a never ending list to the tasks she keeps on doing daily from morning till night. I always think, from where does she get this much energy?

So i think about her diet, which again surprises me. She hardly takes care of herself. When it comes to food, she is always busy in feeding her children, parents and husband. She is always busy looking after the family. But does anyone ever look after her? Is she taking her meals properly? Is she taking her medicines properly? Has she taken enough sleep to maintain her body? There are many questions like these..but not much to answer.

Does She really do anything?

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Well, the person who is even thinking of that question, is really poor. Can’t you see how endlessly she is working starting from waking you up to preparing your breakfast and lunch to washing your dishes, clothes, making up your bed, cleaning your house, looking after servants, and your homework and not forgetting the dinner. After all this, she takes out time for her husband and maintenance of all the family relations.

Don’t you think we should do our bit to help her too? Calling out from room for dinner, shouting at her for your unclean clothes, being angry for lack of salt in your food….is this fair enough?

Let’s look after her now

Let’s stand up to help her out. You must be thinking how can we help her? “I can’t cook!! ” “I can’t wash the clothes either !!” No no.. i don’t want you to do any of this. But, actually you can do many things to help her. Like:

1. Don’t scream or shout at her. Please understand she must be tired too.

2. Don’t ask for food as soon as you all return from a tiring day. She has entered home alongwith you. Give her 15mins rest too like you are doing. Have a fruit or biscuit till then.

3. Ask her water when she comes in from a tiring day.

4. You can  think of giving her surprises sometimes. Maybe you can take her for dinner or breakfasts sometime giving her a break. Maybe you can gift her holiday sometimes.

5. Help her by taking care of your belongings atleast. If every member of house takes care of their own things, how much work will get reduced for her, ever imagined??


6. Take care of her health like she does for you. Ask her if she has gone through routine checkup (because with age, her body is growing old and lots of changes.) And is she taking her medicines on time?

7. Most important will be, please consider her human. Just like you. Don’t always keep demanding favors from her. Stand up and do your own work. She has lots of work already.


You are young still. Atleast younger than her. If you are tired, she must be more tired than you. I request all the readers to please take care of your mothers. She is really special for you.

Don’t limit your love and favor to mother’s day only. Celebrate her motherhood throughout the year.


  1. sandhya

    mother is really important in everybody’s life…

  2. Ashima Bansal

    Beautiful say ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Heena gupta

    Very beautiful ??

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