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Marriage: A Knot Between Two Familes

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It is an old fact, that marriage is a knot not just between two persons, it is a knot between two families. It is a knot between two ideals. Every parent tries to teach their children their values, their experiences. So every child gets prepared for their marriage with the same values. Now, when he/she gets married, they take their values along with.


When she reaches her new family, there is a big chance of contrasting values between both the families. It becomes a struggle for her to follow her ideals in the stream of her in-laws. So here comes the role of the in-law family. They need to understand that she is brought up from a different family. She has a different upbringing.

Role of the families after a marriage


The role of both the families is very significant after a marriage. The son has his parents’ teachings, and the daughter has hers.

The parents of the son needs to understand and accept the values of their daughter-in-law which they can, so that she feels it home too.

The son needs to understand, like his parents, she has also been taking advice from her parents.  The family needs to change themselves for the better too, (it should not always the bride to change herself completely).

Similarly, the bride needs to understand and accept that she is in a new home now. This is also her home now. She needs to take care of everyone and learn the nature and habits of her family too. It is not only difficult for her, but for everyone in the family too. Their way of living gets changed so as to accept her. Moreover, it takes time to give love and care as is given to a child who was born there.

Discuss to solve the problems

She should not always complain for everything, but understand. Plus, does she always tell anyone outside her family about problems with her parents or sister or brother? Noo.. right? So now, after marriage why tell everything to your parents? Just try to discuss your needs and desires with your in-laws. Husbands become their best friends. (If not comfortable with parents yet, then discuss with your partner. He will help you discuss with his family). It’s 21st century, time has changed a lot. Everyone has become very cooperative and helpful now.

If you will not discuss your problems with your in-laws and husband, then how can they ever be solved?

The parent of the bride need to understand that she has to live and grow the new family now. It is an addition of family members, not any kind of subtraction. The parents need to teach their daughters how to help herself. How to give love to everyone in her new family and how to forgive.

So, keep giving love to everyone, and keep receiving the same. Keep forgiving everyone and always be humble.

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  1. sandhya

    marriage is all about accepting each other as they are…

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