Losing Health to Lose Weight to Gain Beauty?

eat healthy-stay fit

Getting slim is demanded by everyone! No doubt it enhances your beauty soo much. But isn’t it painful for your tongue to eat green leafy vegtables or boiled food all the time? Also, till when are you planning to follow this regime? Till you get a boyfriend? Or till you get married? Or till you don’t have wrinkles?

Its good to exclude fatty foods like cheese, oily stuff, burgers, heavy shakes and lots more, from your diet to get a flat tummy. Its good to do gym daily for an hour to hours of it !!

But including fruits and dry fruits, milk and oats are also an option. Doing gym is great, no doubt but to a limit. What will happen when you wont be able to keep on this diet or keep on gymming? I once, heard on radio 92.7 BigFM that one of the causes of breast cancer is our new adapted lifestyle !! Isn’t it a big alarm for all of us??!!

Lets add yoga to our lifestyle instead of excessive gymming. You can try NITAI YOGA for instance.

This is what I personally do and feel a great difference in my inner state of mind as well as outer body.

Lets add healthy food in our lifestyle. Less of hard drinks and pizzas and more of juices and milk and fruits. Nature has given so many good things, why aren’t we using them????

Beauty should be seen from within.. Begin with yourself. Try and see the person from within and don’t judge by appearance. Try doing Nitai yoga. Leave comments on how you feel like after doing it. You can learn about it more from

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