Is your friend a Jugaad Engineer 😎 or a Brainy Engineer 🤓?

Jugaad or Brainy engineer jovialyou

All over India, engineers are claiming themselves to have some extra brains! For every good work done, just one saying.. “Engineer’s Braains brooo..!!”🤓. All the other streams are tired of listening that.. but is that really true?? 😏

Lets see, what’s that Engineers are actually good at…

1. BRAINY Engineer 🤓

Brainy-engineer jovialyou

This category of engineers actually find solutions to the problems and solve them once and for all.  Although the solutions are hard to find, and often takes plenty of time ⏳😧

2. JUGAAADU Engineer 😎

0Jugaadu-Engineer Jovialyou

For almost every problem, all they have is an INSTANT Jugaad (means substitute solution)☇☇. This solves the problems only for temporory phase. ⏰ Also, many a times there arises a new set of problems whenever our dear friend has performed a JUGAAD 🤕😤..Shock Jugaad Jovialyou

It might take time to take out proper solution for a BRAINY but JUGAADU is like your EVEREADY BATTERY !! 🔋🔋

The bulb of JUGAADU ENGINEER is always ON 💡💡 !! You throw a situation and there! Bangggg !! There is a solution!! 😈


1. Bulb Vs. Tubelight

A bulb 💡 lightens up so quickly whereas a tubelight 🔦 takes time to switch on… but the life of a bulb is smaller than that of a tubelight.. isn’t it??

2. Bullet train Vs. Local Train

A bullet train 🚄 is very speedy but it is often missed by its passengers ( just like our jugaadu engineers fails to solve the actual problem in SPEEEEEED…) But a Local train 🚉 is always full of passengers though it reaches late..

3. Rabbit Vs. Tortoise

Rabbit 🐇 is no doubt very fast and smart but it loses the battle with tortoise 🐢 who is slow but steady and brainy !!

4. Atom bomb Vs. Time bomb

Jugaadu is like a atom bomb 💣….. ek dam jhakkaas aur effective !! Whereas a Brainy is always tik tik tik…. and booooom 💥 on time!

Unfortunately, Brainy have become extinct 🗿 and Jugaadu have become adulterated………. 😜


Do you agree?? Comment below if you have an engineer friend and agree with me!


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