Is your Aadhaar Card being misuse?

Aadhaar Card (or A-Card) is not just an identity proof in India, but it is the carrier of your most vital information. It not only contains your name, DoB, address and phone number, but it also has your fingerprints, retina scans.  Now, there are banks, Network companies and various authorities that are using aadhaar card and linking themselves. So, basically, Your aadhaar card is a storer of your bank details as well as your every other minute details (Like call details etc).

Are you sure your A-Card is not being misuse?

We easily give photocopies of our aadhaar card to these authorities and consider ourselves safe as we have not given our CARD to any unknown person. But do you know, that photocopy of the A-card can be misused by fraud companies or people? Do you cross your card’s copy and mention for what it is to be used? Many people don’t do it. Well, this is one step that you can use as precaution.

Check where your Aadhaar card is being used in past 6 months..

Well, our Government has thought of this beforehand is guess. You can now check about where all your A-Card is being used in past 6 months up to 50 times.

Click me to check

When you click on the above link, you will  direct to the government Aadhaar website. Enter your Aadhaar number and the security digits. Click on Generate OTP.

aadhaar verification jovialyou

After this, you get an OTP on your linked mobile number. Also, you should fill the requisite details, click on submit!! And, there you go !

aadhaar verification 2 jovialyou

Always keep your Aadhaar card safe !

Never Give the Card to anyone you don’t trust.

Always give the photocopy to trusted people and after crossing the copied image.


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  2. Your Aadhaar card contain sensitive data that only you should be able to use. So how do you keep this information safe.

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