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Fan of NFS? But is your family safe in your car?

Take care when Driving car with family jovialyou

Driving a car safely, not only helps you protect you from colliding with other vehicles, but also help others not to collide with you. To protect your family is Your Topmost Priority, isn’t it??

So, what common mistakes are you doing??

1. Do you change your beam to low when driving in traffic 🚘?
Use High beam only on empty roads jovialyou

Left: Low Beam — Right: High Beam

Changing to low beam in high traffic or roads with street lights is a must. By default cars have high beam and they blind the cars coming from opposite side. High beams are to be used only when the road is empty for a very looong distance and you need to see in advance the potholes or speed breaers of far-off distance, as you would be high on speed.

2. Do you keep your car to the left when you have to turn left or you change the lane at last moment🛣 ?Dont take turn at last moment jovialyou

Changing the lane at last moment usually makes the car bump into the cars coming from behind. It is a must to use your side-mirror while changing lanes. It is a must that you be in the respective lane atleast 1km ahead of the turn.

3. Do you  drive on the wrong side to avoid traffic jams? (And then become the cause of jam on the opposite side 😑)Dont drive on wrong side jovialyou

Traffic jams are a headache to everyone. But then why to risk your family just to avoid some headache? If you change your lane to opposite side to avoid the jam, the cars coming from opposite side might collide with you. Not everyone is a perfect driver! Maybe the person in the other car is just learning!!

4. Do you use breaks unnecessarily on a clear road? (It makes the person driving behind you put sudden breaks too, sometimes he is able to and sometimes not 😔)

Dont use sudden brakes jovialyou

Your car is in your control, but putting unnecessary breaks can put the car driver behind you in problem. He might not know the reason why you are using the breaks.

5. Do you drive while using your phone? 📵While driving with mobile phone, your mind gets divert, and you tend to change lane unknowingly or put breaks suddenly or forget to change the lane to take turns.

Dont drive while using phone jovialyou

I have seen many cars honking from behind because the person is driving while being on call and diving either so slow or swinging left to right to left as he has no attention on road and steering.

6. Do you unnecessarily speed up your car to show-off or just because you like speed🏎🏎?

Dont do speed driving jovialyou

There are learners out there on roads alongwith you. Your honking and dipper and speeding just startles them and they might bump into you or other cars. If you are so much into speed and just want to speed in anycase, speed your cars only on empty straight roads. Don’t speed at crossings.

7. Do you regularly jump the red lights at crossings🚦😩??

Dont jump red lights jovialyou

The cars coming from other sides might not be aware that somebody is going to cross them when nobody is supposed to. It may either create traffic jams or it may make others collide into you!

8. Do you use rear-view mirror and side mirrors before changing lanes while driving🛡 ??

Use driver's side mirror to change lanes jovialyou

These mirrors help you see who is coming from behind or who is trying to overtake from behind. Moreover, it helps to see you how far is the other vehicle, so that you can change your lane easily.

9. Are you sleepy while driving 😴😴??

Sleepy while driving jovialyou

Being sleepy while driving is the most dangerous thing that can happen to your family. We tend to get into a snap for a second and whooo! Your car is into the other!


You are a perfect driver and maybe you know how to control your car, but accidents may happen because others are not as perfect as you. You drive your vehicle on your own way, but how will others drive as per your ways?? So, it is better that everyone drive in a common way and avoid bumping into each other.

Drive Safe !! “Savdhaani hati, Durghatna ghati” !

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