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How does Macau feel like.. Have a look!

Macau, China city jovialyou

Macau is a beautiful city or better called as island. It is a leisure and luxurious city! I recommend every reader to go there once at least during their lifetime! It is connected by Ferry service from Hongkong Airport. 2 nights should be there in your itinerary if you enjoy casino, else one night, two days are a must !

What is actual Macau

Macau has two cities, old and new, connected by a beautiful bridge over the water. New Macau is full of hotels and malls. It is a beautiful and Royal city! City of Casinos! (Mini Las Vegas is what citizens of Macau say). There are few rich people who are basically handling the city’s main places. Each has few malls and some hotels. So, what benefit do you get? The benefit is of free Shuttle buses that you get there. There are free buses to go to and fro from one mall to another, of the same owner. And then you can walk down to the other adjacent mall of the some owner, and go to the somewhere else belonging to same person. So, you can say, that you will hardly face any problem in travelling in the city on your own.

Casinos of Macau


Macau is full of casinos. Entry to the casinos is free. You just need your passport to enter there. It is never compulsory to play the games, but you can go and look inside always and anytime. They are 24 hour open!! The casinos are very very big there, games starting with as little as $10 HKD. The bets can go to any limit you want. Black Jack, Roulette, Dice game, slot machines, spin the wheel etc etc… a lot many games. You need not get your cash converted to tokens to play many of the games. You have an option to directly insert your cash notes. Moreover you can withdraw your money/win anytime you want without any restriction.

All i would like to say, if you want you can always try a game or two there. But it is really a bad gambling attraction. Just limit yourself or don’t take much money with you while entering the casino.

Food in Macau

Well, I would like to warn every Indian visiting to Macau to be alert for food. There is hardly anything for the vegetarians. Few options for the people who can have egg or non veg. Actually, the oils and spices used there are not easily enjoyed by the non vegetarian Indians there. But they can always have the eggy dishes.

Please confirm with your hotels which kind of food are they going to serve in your breakfast meal.

They might give you an option of veg/non-veg option, but it would be Chinese, and not at all enjoyed by your family. Ask them to provide you with English breakfast.

There are hardly any Indian restaurants in Macau. So take your readymade food things with you. One pizza restaurant in the Venetian Hotel’s food court (It serves margherita pizza as well for veggies!!). No vegetarian burger in Mc Donalds, but you get french fries in the non veg meals. (With Egg/Pork/Ham burgers).

Very Expensive city for shopping. Have all the top brands for shopping.

Tourist spots in Macau

Macau Tower is a must visit place. It is a tall tower providing you with bungee jumping and Sky walk.

If not interested in the activities, you can still go to the 58th floor, with a glass bottom balcony and watch people doing bungee jumping.


You get Very Cheap BEER and chips there on the top! You can buy the beer for whole of your trip there!

Half day tour of the city. Basically, all the spots are at one place there, except A-Ma temple. Good for photography.

Hardly takes half hour to see them all. But there is a market downstairs from the Old Fort wall (Senado Square). It will take around 2 hours to go through that market with cheap rate chocolates and bakeries.

senado square macau jovialyou

The Koi Kei bakery’s quality is too good, and best prices as compared to airport or Hong kong. There is a souvenir shop on right, nearest to the fort giving the Fridge magnet etc souvenirs at the best price in the whole market.

There is a Mini version of Gandola ride of Venice in Venetian Hotel andΒ An Eiffel Tower of Parisian Hotel.

venetian hotel gondola ride macau jovialyou

Venetian Hotel – Gondola Ride in Macau


parisian hotel eiffel tower macau jovialyou

Parisian Hotel – Eiffel Tower in Macau

You get ample amount of water in hotel rooms in Macau free of cost. But water is very expensive there in the market. You can always pick up water bottles from Casino free of cost. Just don’t forget to carry your passport !!

Wish you a very Happy and Exciting Journey to Macau !! Hope you don’t get lured by the casinos there!!

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