Heart is Emotional But Correct ! Try to understand..

Emotional heart-jovialyou

Heart has always been emotional.. On little things it feels so much. It gets hurt so easily. It gets happy so easily. It has so much love in it ! It feels hatred so intensely when hurt !!

Emotional heart jovialyou

I think our hearts are strong, but emotions are stronger ! They overpower our hearts.. Our heart wants to love, but emotions speak of hatred/anger. So we get angry when we are hurt even though we dont want to. We, later on realize, ‘it’s okay! I could have ignored’.. but the words spoken could not be rolled back.

Sometimes, it goes all reversal. Our heart wants to be angry/hateful, but emotions of love are ruling the poor hearts. At this point, we keep on weeping from inside, and externally we keep on smiling and loving. This is worse than earlier condition. There are many examples for this. Like, when we get cheated in love ! We want to hate that person, but still keep following him/her. We are so helpless in the hands of our emotions.. We just can’t stop loving them. Second example is of parents. Children sometimes don’t understand the love of their parents and just hurt their parents.

Angry child hurt parents jovialyou

Sometimes a rude reply is received and sometimes these parents are rejected from family time (friends become their family actually!!). So, the parents are hurt to great great level, but THEY CAN’T STOP LOVING THEIR CHILDREN….

What to be done?? How to resolve this??

It’s very simple.. Don’t let emotions fool you. Take strong steps. Opposite to what your so called ‘heart’ is saying.. (i am talking about emotions).. and listen to YOUR HEART !! Feeling and following your heart will always give you happiness and satisfaction from inside. It has become important my dear to take care of “your heart”, i.e. yourself.


Most importantly, You atleast don’t hurt anyone ! Don’t let anyone else make this choice !! Be good, be warm. Time to be forgiving. Loving !!

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  1. sandhya

    take your decision with heart as well as mind….

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