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Happy Women’s Day – Special Edition

Happy women's day

Wishing all the ladies out there a very Happy Women’s day!! Every women is celebrated today in the role of a friend, sister, mother and a wife, but is it just about these roles that a women should be respected?? No. it is actually the care, love, respect and selflessness that these women possess because of which they should be honored.

1. A Friend

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Well the role of your friend is well aware by almost everyone here, isn’t it? She helps you get rid of your stress by talking to you. Also, she helps you understand your family better. She cares for you, sometimes like mother, sometimes like a sister and sometimes in a way that only a friend can do! Don’t you think she should be pampered a lot??

2. A Sister

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Think about the care your sister does to you, maybe doing your homework, cleaning your room, helping you buy things or maybe helping you impress your future girlfriend!
So why not give love to her today in return so that she could feel special too??

3. A Mother

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Next comes your mother! The mother’s endless job and her selflessness nature is not hidden from anyone! She not only gives you food, but also takes care about the minutest detail of your life! (which obviously includes your socks as well as your love-life😜)

Her job as your mother never ends, even if you have become a parent yourself. She is always guiding you, helping you become a good parent, and still working so as to give you rest when you are tired. But guys, seriously, have you ever acknowledged that in front of her????

4. A Wife

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Finally, comes your wife! Well, every man do criticize his wife at many points of her life. She loves you to free you from your stress. She listens to you patiently and tries to help you in all ways possible.

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But one day, maybe she hasn’t cooked her food well, or she isn’t taking care of kids properly. Maybe your room isn’t clean when you return back home from office, or maybe she just isn’t taking care of herself!! But have you ever noticed the amount of efforts she put in daily to makeup for you? Let me tell you dear men, everything that she do, is to please you. She might be of same age as yours or even younger, do you realize that? Can you do what she does whole day?? Can you copy one day of her life?? Think about it!

Every women will become a Mother and a Wife! The role they play in your life is irreplaceable and priceless! Just value it..

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