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How to Handle Exam Pressure During Exam Days


During exams, exam pressure becomes the most problematic thing, students alongwith parents have to face. While giving any exam, it is most important to maintain the temperament, so as to write the exams with balanced mind. If we are too hyper or too casual during exam, we have a tendency to spoil our exam even though we are well prepared.

Sometimes it happens that we know the answers, but still we are not able to write them. Just “The Thing” gets erased and our memory become pale white. We remember nothing. We remember the page, the position of the exact answer on that page, but what was written we don’t remember.

There is a solution to this problem. It includes some steps that needs to be followed for the same. Please go through them and try to follow each one of them as these are tried and tested ! ?

1. Start your preparation for the exam way before your exam. Don’t keep the things for the end. When kept for the end, information tends to mixup and the pressure of long unprepared syllabus makes it difficult to remember the chapters.

How to prepare for exam jovialyou

2. Do Nitai sound yoga for atleast 5-10minutes daily for fresh and clear brains. Yoga helps to remove the tendency to flicker the mind, and improves the concentration level. You can also try other types of Yogas for better concentration and motivation.

3. Divide your syllabus in such a way, that you cover the important portions¬†first. (So that even if you aren’t able to complete the syllabus, you have most scoring portions ready). If the time is short, prepare the scoring sections first. For example, we know we will get a 5 mark question from this chapter for sure, then prepare that first.

4. Prepare the chapters of your interest first. This helps to cover most of the syllabus easily and boost your confidence as some part of your syllabus is done quickly. Then, you can divide the remaining syllabus as per their weightage in exam. Do the higher weightage ones first. This way, you will be able to score higher.

5. If you get the question paper, and you are not able to remember the answers, then breathe in and out. Start writing the answers you know the best. Slowly as you will start attempting the answers, you will start remembering the remaining too.

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