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Go GREEN This Diwali To Save Your Family

Go Green this diwali jovialYou

Pollution may again go to its peak this Diwali due to numerous fireworks about to happen in India. We may not be ready by this Diwali but atleast we can promise our mother nature to cure her after diwali.

Celebrate green diwali 2017 jovialYou

All we need to do is just plant 1 seed per person or atleast 1 seed per family.

Air pollution is going to harm all of us terribly

We have small babies, oldies, (and may be some sick people) in our families. Don’t you think our celebrations should not harm them? There might be atleast one relative of yours who is suffering from asthama.

No air pollution this Diwali jovialYou

There must be atleast 5 babies in your relations. The pollution from the firecrackers will harm them terribly.

So should we not burn firecrackers?

First of all, YES, we should not burn firecrackers. Diwali can be celebrated by many ways.. candles, Diyas, lighting, rangoli, get togethers, parties, dances etc etc.. firecrackers are not ‘the only way’ to do it. Think of the effect it is going to produce..

Let’s promise to take care of your loved ones this Diwali..

Secondly, if you still wish to have fun with firecrackers, then choose very little quantity of them. And select the ones which produce the least amount of smoke. Don’t buy ‘Anar’, don’t buy ‘phooljhadi’ and so on..



Firecarackers not only produce Air pollution..but they also produce NOISE POLLUTION !! There are many people who can’t bear the incessant noise that keeps coming from the “hazaar ki ladi”.. Poor animals gets scared and harmed too. We are unable to hear the plight but just ask the animal lovers..they can tell you how much harm it does to the animals.

Let’s just go GREEN this Diwali and show our ROYAL side !!Pledge to grow one plant on diwali jovialYou

Over and above everything, just pledge to plant atleast 1 seed so as to promise everyone, including your mother nature that you are going to take care of the air.

Best would be to plant a tree. You can grow it in your house or maybe near the roads or the park or in your colony. If you have your house on the ground floor then try to put that seed inside your house.

Let’s promise to have a greener and cleaner Diwali this year..

Jovialyou wishes you a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali !! We pray for good health and multifold happiness for your family to the Supreme Lord !!  

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  1. Mudit

    I will definitely plant a seed this Diwali.. 🙂

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