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Why Are Girls Always so confused..


Girls are really a complex compound to understand. They have unlimited thoughts going on in their minds. A lot different they say than what they feel. Actually the fact is they love pampering. While some others like to be called as strong girls. Actually there should not be any stereotyping. All girls are different just like all the boys are different.

Different is what they say than what they feel..

When they say that they don’t want to go out on date, they actually want to. Sometimes, they say “I am okay. Please don’t bother”. But actually what they need the most is.. please come and hug me! Please talk to me!!”.

girl-cry-to get-hug-jovialyou

Sometimes they say, “I don’t want to talk to you, please don’t see me again. ?”. But actually they want to say, “Hey I am really angry on you. Say sorry to me. Pamper me. But don’t  go away !!”.

So it is really very different, what they say and what they feel. Let’s not misunderstand them. The reason behind why they are so complex is because… their heart is like…reeeeaaaalllyyyyy soft !!

Why are girls so sensitive??

I am sure each one of you reading this, must have thought once in your life, “Why in the world, girls are so over sensitive?????”


The reason is very simple. They have so many feelings running over their heart every minute. [Technical reason is their hormones. They keep changing. Sometimes high sometimes low ! So don’t blame the sweet and sensitive girls].

Their sensitiveness doesn’t always run up your nerves. They care for you too much, and love you too.

But why aren’t they able to take a decision at once??

There maybe a reason for this. They are always trying to please everyone altogether. Including themselves. They want to go. But then they think of the people who are at home. But again they get worried of the people who want to go with her. So it’s really COMPLICATED !!

I can just say that girls are so soft at heart. They are delicate and so sweet. Don’t misunderstand them. All their actions are determined by their love for loved ones.


Their maybe some negative thoughts coming in your minds that “No. Girls do this because of that..” But I request you to delete those thoughts.

Because we are here at Jovial you. And such Positivity will bring peace and happiness to you only..

Please comment below if you have any other thought. Be Jovial.

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