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Gifts for Your Wife on Karva Chauth


Gifts should only be considered as token of love and a way to judge anyone.

Karva chauth is a festival celebrated by Hindu couples where the women fast for the whole day for the long life of their husband. Sometimes, husbands accompany their wives in this fast by doing it themselves also.

Sometimes it comes ringing to the minds of the husbands what to gift their wives on this day as a token of love. It is not compulsary to give gifts to wives, but giving gifts is just a mere method of expressing love.

Wives should also understand that the expensive gifts are not going to prove anything about the love of their husbands. It should be good even with a lovely personal time.

Husbands should understand that some girls like to see their husbands caring for them, thinking about them and what their wives would like more. A wife wishes that her man would buy things of his choice for her.



So now comes, what all are the options that these poor guys (?) can go for??

1. The most over rated gift is Jewellery. But it doesnt mean that it has to be very expensive one. If your wife is really crazy for jewellery, then you can go for little economical options like only a pendant, or a simple ring, or silver anklets (this will come within 1000rs)


2. Here comes sarees or dresses. This saree would be so very precious to her, as it is of your choice. You can buy a saree of any range. Cotton sarees are most economical. Georgette sarees are very soft to wear, but costlier than cotton saree. You can get these under rs2000 range. Crepe sarees are costly sarees. And most costly are silk. Though you have variety in silk, you can get them in economical range also.

3. This option is open and left blank. Here comes the gifts that your wives have been demanding since long…. it could be any day to day item that would really help them a lot. It could be for the bedroom or related to their passion. (Some might like the idea of guitar, or some may like their favorite pillow)

4. Next comes, printed gifts. With printed quotes or pictures on mugs, pillows, bedsheets, photo frames.

5. Greeting cards can be given additionally as well.

6. Hand written love letters can be a very good choice when going economical and your wife is really emotional. She would love such a gift.

7. If you are living with your parents or in a joint family, she might really love the idea of a short trip to a nearby place with one or two night stay.

8. A good dinner date can also be an idea to celebrate the day but needs to be accompanied with small gifts alongwith that can be kept as memories.


9. A photo album/collage can be a small gifting idea too.

10. Small things that signifies a wedded lady can be given too, like bangles, sindoor in a sweet case, nailpaint, lipstick, anklets, kajal etc….well the list is never ending…?


11. A well decorated room with a beautiful cake (better if cooked by you) and a bottle of wine and aroma candles will be really cool to gift your wife.


Click lots of photographs on this day, to keep all these memories alive that you spend together.

Well, right now i am able to get through these ideas only… please comment below if you have any other idea to help your fellow men..

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