What to do in your free time at home

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Yuppiiee !! Finally we got some free time.. But… now, what to do? We are bored after half the day of sleeping and few hours of television. But now we wish to do something creative..


1. Try out some yoga..something that you have never tried. Try performing Surya Namaskar or Nitai Yoga. Both are really powerful.

2. Try out gardening :

Why not try out with making your own small garden of flowers or veggies..?? It is very easy. Use your old plastic bottles to make jars for them. If the plant is desired to be big, may be you can try using old paint containers or vessels.

You can also use your old glasses for the same purpose. Just grow some tiny seedlings..maybe pomegranate, orange seeds, lemonseeds, pear seeds etc.

3. Try calligraphy:

Calligraphy can prove to be very creative or maybe you can just try out cursive writing.

4. Make a bucket list of places that you want to visit or if not, then a list of friends whom you should meet really reaally sooon

5. If you are a technical freak “an engineer” or just with the same interest, try making out an ebook or an application of your dearest photos or your interest cars/dream places.

6. Have you ever tried making out greeting cards by yourself?? Well, this can be a really good timepass plus money saver ! (As you can use these cards to gift on the apt occasion !!)

7. Try cleaning your car, almirah or your bedroom.

8. Ever thought of doing something really pleasing to your heart?? Just do one simple thing, take out your old things (clothes, toys, mobiles, accessories etc), put these in a box and either go n distribute these at some construction site or give them to your servant or maid.

9. Try doing some 5minute crafts from facebook…they are really a nice time pass… 🙂


10. Try paper quilling or paper crafts. ( i am sure you must have seen those lamp shades and paper plates on internet..why not try one of it???)

11. Maybe you can try your luck at any multiplayer online game..and get to connect some new friends….well ofcourse i would suggest this to be your last option.

Please comment if you like the article or if you have any other ideas to do at home..


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