Flush out the grudges to clean yourself !!

grudges are hurtful

Grudges keep our heart heavy and stinky for as long as we hold on those grudges !! Just imagine, you keeping the same filth as others inside you that you hate the most !!

It is simple… whatever grudges you hold on, slowly enters your system due to their presence in your heart and mind for sooooo long !!

It is said that the negativity and stinks you talk about every time, enter into you as well… the bad people around you or their bad activities forces you to think about them, talk about them or their acts. But have you ever thought that this way these things are making a house inside you.

Ok. I will give you an example. Suppose you caught someone talking bad about your colleague. You really didnt like that man..! So what you did, you built up an image of the man, as a really bad guy talking bad about your friend. Moreover the thing he has said has entered your mind too.

Now, you will end up telling about that person to others and your colleague. So result is…….. ‘Your colleague has got an image’ shared by the man to you, shared to all others now !! Moreover, Your mind will always carry that image of the man !!

Dont you think the damage is too much !!!!

So simple solution…. just ignore what the man said, laugh out at him by cracking a joke there n then or just reply back that you are not interested…. this way,

1. You will not mind what he said

2. The man will bot dare to say anything like that again to you !! Or maybe to anyone else !!

3. The man will not dare to think like that again (its possible) !

4. Your colleague’s image is saved  !! (Ahh..relief !!)

5. You are free from any such thought for forever !!!



Just flush out all such thoughts from your mind….. go out in the greens and do Nitai kriya or any kriya that reaches out to your innerself… breathe big  and exhale everything bad from you !

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