Believe in the Creator of the beautiful world


Everything that exists has a creator. Somethings are created by humans who, are created by someone. Someone, who is above the intelligence of humans. We have a beautiful world around us. Plants, trees, animals, fishes, clouds, sun, stars, planets, and much more. So many things, that we see, use, can reproduce. But we cannot produce them on our own. We have named all these things as nature. Actually, creations that are above human intelligence is known as nature.


This super intelligence is of the Supreme Lord. There cannot be any denying fact for this. In every religion there is a mention of this Supreme Personality. His name maybe different, His form maybe different. But He is there. This is because, the Supreme Lord is capable of taking different forms unlike humans. This is why some humans are unable to digest this fact. But we cannot say, since we can’t do it, so this doesn’t exist.

So the handful of people, not accepting this fact, may kindly be obliged to tell who is the creator of this beautiful unique world?

Let’s simply accept that there is a beautiful creator of this Extraordinary Beautiful World. With beautiful Mountains, Rivers, Oceans, Seasons, Forests, and Animals, we are gifted with an Exclusive gift of NATURE. I think we should be thankful to the Supreme Lord for this Gift. Let’s believe in the Creator of this Magnanimous World !!


  1. sandhya

    Indeed there is some superpower who is the creator of everything, and is simultaneously taking care of His every creation….

  2. Lahar

    Thnkful to d lord…

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