Be Beautiful From Within

inner beauty

Everyone is beautiful. Beauty is not just what it appears from outside. Beauty is actually from within. Your acts of kindness, care, compassion and devotion shows your beauty. Positive energy within your body attracts everyone to you and not just the looks. 

Haven’t you seen that the vamps and villains in the movies and serials are so good looking. But, why isn’t she/he liked by the viewers? It is because it is shown that their inner beauty is totally ruined. Their negative acts are not liked even by the characters of the episodes. So, be like the the actresses. Be simple. As you are. And be honest and kind.

true beauty

By the way, Who says black is not beautiful?? Black is very beautiful if the eyes are seeing with the intention of seeing beauty. Black is full of all colours. White is empty of every colour.

To say it directly.. believe in yourself. If You are confident and have a beautiful heart, you will be identified. You will be seen. Your beauty is not identified by any mark on your face or by your wheatish color. Your beauty is determined by your act.

If you really wish to work on your beauty, then work on your inner beauty (which will not get changed with tanning, or accidents). Try identify your black spots, and clean them at once. Black spots can be your:

  1. Anger (this is the worst one, as it destroys your every important relation),
  2. Ego
  3. Cruelty,
  4. Hatred,
  5. Selfishness,
  6. Pride..and so on..

All these black spots may or may not be present. May be there are others that i have not named. Do’t you think its time to remove them and become beautiful from within?

Be a person whom you can be proud of.. Be a person whom your parents can be proud of..

Enhance Your inner beauty..

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