All it takes is a “Sorry” ! Really saves you big !

All it takes is a sorry-jovialyou

When our relationship is at the verge of death, all it takes is a ‘Sorry’ !! It seems very difficult to say sorry in either case. It doesn’t even matter now if we are wrong. All that we could feel is.. “Why should i say sorry????”


My question is, why it happens that we are ready to sacrifice our friendship/relationship but not speak out own mistake??

I say, yes we are right. We haven’t done anything wrong! Then, we should not be the first one saying sorry. But i want to ask something. Firstly, this is only our perspective that we are right and the other is wrong. Tell me, how do we know in what situation other one was? How do we know what reason made the person take such a decision? We know the person very well. We know he/she cares for us. That is why it hurted us, right?? If he/she considers us theirs, then how can they do like that? It has harmed us so much !!

My dear, do not just ask within yourself. Go and ask the person, the reason for his/her doing. Maybe he/she has some explanation to give. Maybe he/she was saving you from much more harm (atleast as per their calculations). Maybe their calculations went wrong and you got wrongly hurt/pained..but making a mistake is a human err. No?? You must have also done similar mistakes. Maybe not too blunder, but atleast some. I think it’s time to forgive.

Forgiveness is a better response than hatred or anger! Don’t you think so?

Ok, on the other hand.. what about when we are wrong? What if now, we are just not accepting our mistake infront of others, though deep in our heart, somewhere, we know we are wrong? Accepting our mistake and trying to rectify it, is the only thing, that can save the relationship then.Grudges-say sorry-jovialyou

Don’t you think the grudges will…only destroy our relations.. Keeping our Ego aside and saying a small ‘Sorry’ is enough to save everything !!

Let me guess,  some of you just can’t do it.. you just can’t go in the front and say sorry. Okayys then.. no issues. I have read somewhere that actions speak louder than words, so just go and say sorry via your actions.

I can give you some examples about how you can do it..

1. Give a tight hug to your buddy and say a heartfelt ‘love you’.

Tight hug to say sorry-jovialyou

2. Just ‘praise the person in front of everyone’ you’ve just hurt and to whom you are not ready to apologize.

3. Buy a tiny little surprise gift/flowers to make him/her happy again.

4. Plan out on a tea/coffee/burger party with your buddy.

5. Why don’t you start the conversation after that cruel fight of yours??..uhh huhh ! :/

4. Speak out the correct thing (that should have been done, if you haven’t done that blunder) generally in front of that person when standing in a group.

Ok, now search for your own…i have only these.. 😉

Please try and understand a simple thing, it takes few seconds to say sorry, and avoids a long lasting fight..

Life is really short, time is passing by so quickly, that you won’t be able to catch up ! And, your relationship is too precious to lose, isn’t it???

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