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Add the Luck Points to See How Lucky You Are

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You need not get the treasure in Fortune wheel to claim that You are LUCKYY !! There are many things that scream about how lucky you are!!

First of all, Luck can be decided by any of the following points. You need not have all of them to become lucky!

Just add the points, to see how lucky you are!

1. If You are alive, add one point!
smiling-couple jovialyou

Living the happy moments with loved ones makes you most special, doesn’t it?

Isn’t it great that you are lucky enough to be alive to live these special nature and moments of life?

2. If you can walk, add two points!
walking jovialyou

Walking by your own without any dependency makes you independent!

It is really a big fortune that you are able to walk. There are many people who have to bear the difficulty of crawling or holding on walking sticks to walk even to washrooms!

3. If you can talk or hear or see, add two points!
hearing jovialyou

Hearing the beauty of music is a God gift to you! You are sooo lucky to have it!

Just imagine your life without any music or speaking? Life is hardly possible for most of the people without their ability to speak their feelings and needs or hear their loved ones confessions. Imagine if you could never see your love!! The people who are unable to do any of them, i salute them for the courage they possess.

Though, i have heard, that any person with even tiny disability possesses great strength! Lord gives them strength to face such things in life and overcome them! (They actually become more powerful than most of the people).

4. If you have food to eat, add two points.
eating food jovialyou

The watermelon may seem tasty because you can have it !

There are many people who die of hunger every minute! Think of how lucky you are to have every single meal that you have! (So, never waste any bite of it)

5. If you have anyone who loves you unconditionally ( without any terms and conditions), add five points.
mother's unconditional love jovialyou

Mother’s unconditional Love is most precious

You are really special if there is somebody who waits for you, who cares for you. Who really wishes you to be successful.

Just value the special person in your life!

6. If you have a family, add three points.
family's love jovialyou

Family gives you love, care and respect!

Families are really a boon for each of us, as they pick us when we fall, they get angry out of care for us, and they pat us on our success. Family is the only one who is always there with you in your success. There are people, who don’t have a family. Or some may don’t know who their family is.

Feel lucky to have one! Give Your family a Hug to thank them for being with you!

7. If you have at least 1 friend, of any age, or gender, add 5 points.

best friends give life jovial

Love or friends, both make you equally lucky! Love lives for you, friends live with you!

Actually, A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed.

8. If You have any type of earning, add 3 points.
earning money is always great jovialyou

No job is small until it is giving you money!

You should feel proud of yourself if you are earning even little. People are struggling whole day to earn even 50rs in a day. Just look around yourself, you will find yourself most lucky!

9. If any one person calls you his/her life, add 3points.
sibling's love my life Jovialyou

My brother calls me his life! It makes me feel blessed!

(Be it your mother, father, sibling, friend, girlfriend or boyfriend or any other person) if you are so much to someone, that they give the credit of their wonderful life to you, then you truly are lucky!

10. If you own any of these, add 2 points each.
Cycling-with-friends jovialyou

Be it cycle or scooter or a car, each of them will take you to your destination!

A. House – so many people are struggling to buy a small property of their own. If you have one, it can be of your parents, brother or sister, but a place where you can live freely, it is a home for you. Feel lucky!

B. Car/bike/scooter/scooty– it has become so difficult to buy a vehicle these days. People travel by bus and shared rikshaws even in extreme difficult health situations just because they don’t have much money.

C. Mobile – this is truly a luxury as well as a basic necessity these days. It’s not necessary to have a android or an apple phone to be called lucky. You are lucky if you have a basic phone to contact your loved ones!

If the sum exceeds 7, you are so LUCKY!

If the total score exceeds 10, you are really very LUCKYY!!

And…. If your luck points exceeds 13, you are damn LUCKYYY!! Let’s have a Celebration!

be happy jovialyou

Just never complain to the Lord about anything if you secure even 1 point. Because you are able to secure at least one!

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