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9 Signs That Say You are in love

Love is not just about attraction. Love happens when it has to happen. Someone maybe good looking, someone maybe very smart. (Well, i personally believe everyone is good looking. It is in you, if you are able to see his/her beauty).

Some people say, love is blind. I say, love gives you the capibility to see the beauty in everything. So, it is not blind. It actually gives you vision that others lack.

Some people say love is painful. I say, love is very beautiful. It helps to see the beauty in everything. Possessiveness or disrespect in any relation is, what is actually, painful. Sometimes, possessiveness comes naturally with love, and little possessiveness is good also. But more than a limit, becomes only the source of pain. Disrespect in a relationship means time to sort out the matters!

9 Signs to Know if You are in Love

1. Everything that you do gets related to him/her in someway or the other. Unknowingly, each of your activity gets related to him/her.

Thinking of you jovialyou

2. You often find yourself talking about him/her to others. You unknowingly start talking about him or her. Start with any topic, but by the end it is always him or her.

Talking about her all time jovialyou

3. You mostly keep waiting to get a text or call or a surprise meeting from him/her.

Waiting for text jovialyou

4. You have started looking at yourself more carefully than before.

Looking at mirror jovialyou

5. If you see any movie or any scene, you immediately put you and your heartie in that place.

crying while watching movie jovialyou

6. When you go shopping, you often think of buying things for your heartie, but don’t do it, because you suddenly realize what would he/she think?

Shopping for him jovialyou

7. You suddenly start praising each activity of his/her, even the ones which you hated the most, before.

like your boyfriend jovialyou

8. You start doing things which they do. You start eating the food they eat.

what am i eating jovialyou

9. You suddenly start feeling very positive and motivated. Your performance improves.

motivated and happy jovialyou

If you have above signs, then alas !!!

You are in love !!! <3  It is ideal for you to go and tell that person that you love him/her. Things are not going to happen by themselves. There is a need to convey your feelings. There are many ways to do that… follow my next post to know how you can express your love !!


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