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9 Signs to Know If You Are A Good Girlfriend..

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Being a girlfriend, sometimes we ask ourselves, are we a good one? Well, you can answer this if you know who is actually a good girlfriend. You need not be a perfect girl to become a good girlfriend. In fact, nobody is perfect so how can you think of becoming one. Neither of the boys are perfect. So forget such thoughts.

Who is a good girlfriend?

A good girlfriend would be the one,

1. Who knows how to care for him and not just herself. It is bad if you are thinking of only yourself and your ease all the time. “How will i travel by cab? Let me ask him to pick me up!!”. Have you thought of that in order to impress you or please you, he would surely come to pick you up but wouldn’t it take make it a looong route for him?

2. Who knows how to motivate him for his success. It is a very common saying that ‘Behind every successful man, there is the efforts of a woman.’. Well, I won’t say it is fully true, but yes, surely, you should be the reason. If you are always asking him to run after you and pamper you, then how will he take out time to achieve his goals? If you will not let him go, how will he be able to explore and work on his ideas?

3. Who is always asking him to maintain his relations and not break them. His parents, siblings and friends are equally important to him as you. You should understand them. Even if there are quarrels or conflicts of thoughts, it doesn’t mean you need to break the relation.

4. Who gives him space so that he can remain what he was. Many girls try to change the man completely as per their specifications. But girls, boys have their own personality too, which you liked when you got committed. Don’t try to change them as per your desire.

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5. Who is his friend, before becoming his girlfriend. This means, you are not following just a relationship as a couple, but also as good friends. You share your ups and downs together which makes your bond even stronger.

6. Who spreads positivism and happiness around him. Negativity repel every person around you. Moreover, you need to be positive and always make him feel positive about things happening around you. Supporting each other in good and for good is ‘Actual Support’. Don’t support him in bad things just to follow the rule of ‘Support’.

7. Who Listens to him. Do you always speak about yourself and keep on nagging about your friends, your day, your problems, your happy moments? You should not always be speaking and nagging about your things and your day. Listen to him, let him share his world to you as well. If you let this happen, you are a good friend, ‘A Good Girlfriend!!’

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8. Who make him feel special. Some girls believe that it is their right to be felt as special. They keep on complaining to their boys that they have not given her a gift, or a wonderful date etc. But, it is not right. Girls should also be doing things to make him feel special. If you do so, you are one of the good lot!

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9. Who doesn’t compare with others. Some girls have a tendency to keep on comparing their partners with other boys or men. But it isn’t right. Not everyone is same and not everyone’s way of expressing the love should be same. How boring it would become?! Appreciate him for all that he does for you. If you do so, you score a point of being a good girlfriend.

But yes, co-operation is required from both ends. Guys need to understand that some changes are good for both. Don’t change yourself to the limit that you yourself start feeling hurt or your loved ones feel hurt. But change the bad in you for everyone’s happiness.




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